The Art and Science of Success

A slightly different blog post today. I’ve been thinking a lot about excellence and success this week – pondering what that looks like and how one can attain it. There is so much written on mindset, success, the law of attraction you could continue reading forever and never get to impliment it, which is why I really liked a Ted Talk by Daniel Ally i came across this week. In his talk titled How to become a millionaire in 3 years he distils it so clearly and concisely. So if you’ll pardon the paraphrasing Mr Ally, this is what I got from you.

Here  are Mr Ally’s 3 tips to becoming a self made millionaire. So simple anyone can do it.

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 5.37.02 AM.png

  1. Read more books. “Leaders are readers.” Read books about areas that you need help in. Go and find them – there have never been more books written about more subjects than there are now – online, in libraries, in bookstores, audiobooks. “Books are the tools that release the heavens of your mind” Says Daniel Ally. Dont have time? Switch off the television – stop bingewatching series (unless its Bloodline) , download audiobooks for the car for your commute. No excuses are valid.
  2. Get around the best individuals you can – you are the sum total of the 5 friends you spend most of your time with. Are they modelling the kind of life you aspire to? If not find people who are inspiring, that lift you up and who are realising their goals. Search for people outside of your “default friends” – you need to get yourseld around people who are smarter than you, people who have gone further than you. Robin Sharma says If you are the smartest person in the room its time to find another room. Don’t surround yourself with people who limit you – who tell you what is and is not possible for you, get yourself around people who can help you. How? Well one way Daniel suggests is by reaching out to the authors of all the books you are now reading and starting a conversation with them. When you ask enough questions you can make great progress in life. So, get yourself around people that can help you.
  3. Set Higher Goals – Goals help you to stretch. Create a plan of action to achieve your goals otherwise its unreasonable to expect results. Create urgency – give yourself time limits for achieving specific goals. Write your goals down. To impress them onto your subconscious mind you have to write them down. Choose 1 overarching goal that you would like to achieve – then list 20 ideas that would correspond to that goal. eg. become a better public speaker – watch ted talks, practise speech, look in the mirror or film yourself talking in in order to rehearse. Now imagine that you did this in every area of your life – financially, family, marketing, exercise, diet – you name it and you wrote your goals down everyday. You would be able to accomplish so much in your life. Daniel reminds us that we have everything that we need to succeed but we have to use the things we already have to get more of the things we want. We have to believe. When you believe in yourself, Daniel argues, everyone else in the world will too. I love that. And think BIG says Mr Ally because when you think big you’ll do big and you’ll win big.

so there is is! Really simple folks – 3 things

B – Books

I – Individuals

G – Goals

But as with all things you need to take the knowledge and turn it in to action.

I dare you!

I’d love to find out what works for you. What speakers, authors, gurus really inspire you?

And of course if one of your goals is to create more wealth for yourself then please contact us about adding your home, garden, restaurant, office to our exclusive collection of properties that we offer to Stills, Film, Events and VIP Accommodation clients.

We cant wait to hear from you.

Love and great success –  the gals at Shoot My House!!


loving life and shouting it from the rooftops.



those days

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 8.29.22 PM

the thing is there are going to be those days…

when the baby sitter lets you down. when it seems your friends are bailing on you left right and centre, when you feel utterly alone and so very sad. there are going to be those days when your jeans feel like they schrunk 3 sizes in the wash, when you cant even count on your shampoo. When every decision you have made seems questionable at best and when your full length mirror seems really quite spiteful.

There are going to be those days. The thing is not to give in to self pity – the long slippery slope toward tragic doom and gloom. or maybe its to see it – look it in the eye – say “hey day i see what you’re doing and screw you.”

its just a day. tomorrow will look different. the heartbreak will mend – no really it will. the doubts will subside, the sun will shine and yes, you will smile again.

in the mean time for me its finding the sexiest man I can to watch on a TV Series and giving in without guilt to the pleasure of hours of him. thank you Idris Elba for being my guiltless pleasure.

Today you are my sunshine x


Sometimes Mommies need to run for the hills or at least a spa day…

It’s true. Well for me at least its true. Motherhood can be pretty full on and by Monday morning after a full weekend of monitoring fever and easing the flaring furies of a two and something toddler I’m hardly ready to dive straight into a week of fully optimised productivity. I’m a lot keener on diving into a seat in an empty, pitch black cinema and watching an art movie, Or pouring myself into a plush lazy boy while my hands and feet are simultaneously buffed, scrubbed, polished, painted. And no one talks. In this fantasy no one speaks – like for hours. Just glorious silence.

Sadly running for the hills, the spa and other adventures remains a fantasy for now. Instead I’ve carved out a window of time for myself only. i am fiercely possessive of it and probably won’t have much competition for it since it begins at 4am and lasts till around 6am. Its madness, pure insanity, but its mine…

Not Quite Martha Stewart

In my more dreamy moments i imagine myself as a sort of Martha Stewart meets Gwyneth Paltrow. I imagine a home that is perfect – tidy, tastefully decorated, always with fresh flowers, gorgeous scents pervading the air and obviously masterchef culinary delights effortlessly pouring forth from the kitchen.. And some of the time I even come close to creating that. I love nothing better than entertaining – love to have guests over. love to plan the food, try exciting new recipes and create a wonderful environment. The bottom line is I like a good party, so last Sunday i invited some dear friends over for mid afternoon drinks, snacks and a bit of a catch up. I also invited newer friends who are set to become great friends I feel. Sunday morning was crunch time. its a newly bought home so there is a bald patch in the lawn that i’ve been meaning to get grass for, for 2 weeks. Naturally my little tot was duly bundled into the car at 09 O Clock Sunday morning so that we could go and procure some lawn. from there straight on to Yoga while the grass steamed the back window of the car in the muggy heat.

Feeling stretched and ready to conquer the madding supermarket crowds we made our way to the shopping centre. But someone wasn’t feeling it like i was. Someone was in a pretty bad mood and actually pretty darn tired. Someone who is usually an adorable strawberry ringlet curled little girl was very cross. And she wanted a chocolate biscuit.

and she’s two and three quarters and there is little room for discussion when its about a chocolate biscuit. Eager not to give into bribery and a rising crescendo of wailing shouting and face slapping (um thats my face she was slapping btw) and because the queue for checkout was about 3 miles long (well it felt like that anyway) i was forced to ditch the fully loaded trolley and retreat to the car and home.

Angel fast asleep…. time ticking. Right – get the lawn in. Picture it – racing around with wedges on trying to plant strips of lawn. I mean what was i thinking? Anyway its done…guests arriving in 2 hours. no food or drinks. no way i can wake Angel up and take her to the shops. Panicky situation for me. But real panic. Things will not be perfect, I will not be ready. And then I had an epiphany. So they’re all going to know I’m not perfect – but there is nothing I can do about it. It just is what it is.

Reaching for my lifeline i text my bestie and ask her to come a little early so i can run to the shop before anyone else gets here. And she offers to do the shopping for me. My heart melts, I marvel at how blessed I am to have a friend like that and I realise that once you are vulnerable – once you let down the facade of having it all under control 100% of the time the world comes in to help you. Needless to say we had the best afternoon. the shopping arrived after the new friends did which meant i actually had no drinks or snacks to offer them for half an hour and you know it was fine. Infact I kinda think it made the afternoon more special. the pressure was off – the guard was down, the laughter rang out and eventually the wine flowed.

Success all round.




“Execution of Goals” by: Reggie Batts

Reggie Batts: Mindset for Success Series

 Most people set goals for themselves once a year and the time of year is usually January 1st. Most people check in to see how they’re progressing with their goals a year later- and by then it is too late and the goal is long forgotten.  The word goal by definition is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed. A goal without action is meaningless, and it is also very important that you’re taking the right action necessary to reach the goal. The right action means doing the right things in the right order so that you get the result you’re seeking.

Where most people fail in setting goals in their business or personal life is the disbelief that the goal is achievable. Limiting beliefs which set us up to fail before the goals are even written down. Limiting beliefs are the toxic thoughts we tap into as…

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“Disciplines of Successful People” By: Reggie Batts

I recently saw Reggie speak at a JT Foxx 2 day seminar in Cape Town and was blown away by his energy, enthusiasm and joy for life. I’m officially a fan!

Reggie Batts: Mindset for Success Series

As we are now in quarter 4 of the year, now is the time to start making those goals for 2016. It is important to go into the new year with a plan that is crystal clear. Most of us focus on the “how” primarily and the motivation ceases because most of us do not know how to execute the plan in a strategic way that will get us to the result. Focusing on the “”why” certainly puts you ahead of the game. Your “why” is your fuel, your motivation, your inspiration, and often times your most powerful purpose for taking action. Your “why” may be that you want to prove everyone who has told you you’d never make it wrong. Your “why” may be that you want to leave a legacy or that you want to make your family proud and see to it that they have more than…

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Life post Forty

Jeanne laughs - 1mommy and tiny Angel - 1

Quite recently really my life changed dramatically. I had a child at 39 and 11/12ths – that is to say 27 days before i turned 40, my baby girl was born.

It was a fundamental life shift that I could never have anticipated. It grounded me, made me a little more serious and focused about the future and about what my hopes and dreams were for myself and for my little girl. It also got me thinking about what i believed in and stood for. Sadly it also ultimately necessitated the end of a 12 year relationship (counting the 4 years that I obsessed over him but was pretty much ignored by my partner, before he finally gave in and we hooked up.)

So here we are. Post 40 and single. I think I’m probably not alone here…okay I know for a fact I’m not. Of my 5 closest friends at school 4 are divorced. Tragically the 5th died in a car accident without even having the chance at nuptuals or long term love.

Any how the point here really is that something very funny happened post my “divorce”. My ex not even a year after our breakup has turned into a “Post 40 man”. What that means is, like the rest of male-kind, he has been blinkered to any woman older than about 25. Check out this story…..

So “the ex” we’ll call him, was telling me about this Beautiful woman he had met. She was old he said but a real stunner. “How old?” I asked innocently imagining late 50’s – “About 40 ” was his extraordinary reply. There was not a hint of irony in his voice mind you, not a whisper of mischieviousness. Had he already forgotten that I was in fact 42 and not, I’ll have you know, past my prime mister!? I’d been alright for him all those years but now apparently well I mean only good for a house coat and a pair of support hose.

Well the shock sent me sprinting to the gym to find myself a personal trainer. But more about him later…

Thankfully life does in fact stretch beyond 40 for the fairer sex and, able constantly to reinvent ourselves, we may find our fearlessness and ourselves in what the ex would call the post 40 wilderness but what i prefer to think of as the Post 40 Wonderland!