Happy New Same old same old

The start of the new year has been sketchy for me this year – and i think is most years. So much emphasis is placed on a new beginining and the idea that the clock resets at midnight on the 1st January each year that the possibility of it not living up to its promise is almost a foregone conclusion.

Hopefully we spend time before the dawn of the new year thinking through what we accomplished the past year, where we fell short and what we want for the year ahead but the insistence on a whole new feeling on the 1st is a receipe for despondance. well it is for me anyway. Often I begin the year feeling tired. I’ve worked till the last second before Christmas then been slammed with Christmas arrangements and family duties and obligations without having the time to get into the spirit of Christmas because there has not been sufficient time to prepare my mind for it. We race through Christmas only to be faced with New year and the expectation that it will be a huge party or super special in some way. I’ve taken to avoiding New Years altogether since my daughter was born, since the advent of feeling under the weather with a young child is more torturous than most anything else i can imagine – well except someone pulling out my toenails one by one – that would be worse, oh and waterboarding. Okay there are a lot of things worse but you get my meaning?

It’s days later now and the new year has kicked in, in earnest and I am happy to say that the slightly desperate feeling has gone. I’ve rediscovered my “why” and I feel a new sense of purpose for the new year. I guess the point is that perhaps you have to get through those not 100% upliftling feelings as preparation for a new beginning.

I hope that if the new year has started off a little rickety for you, you now find yourself on more solid ground, strong and ready to manifest your dreams!!


Happy 2018 Y’all!!!


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When good parents go rogue – Horror at Quiz Night

Yesterday was Monday. Yesterday was a fucking horrible day. not a nice word, I know. but it was. It shouldn’t have been – it started so well with a meditation and action. I 5,4,3,2,1’d myself out of bed to do the morning rituals I aspire to do. but then I remembered that I had to take my daughter to school. and as I remembered that I remembered the quiz night the Friday night before. It was an innocent quiz night to raise funds for my daughter’s school. a little Montessori preschool. Why would the memory of that make me cringe and squirm – no one’s general knowledge can be that bad right? We’re not talking a Mensa quiz night.

it all started when my ex-arrived to join myself and my mother to represent our family at the quiz night. when I say arrived I mean kicking and screaming really. id begged him to come with me. It’s pretty crap doing everything alone within a school environment. let me say now if it wasn’t clear – he didn’t want to come. he called when he was on his way to say I d better have a whiskey and a coffee ready for him when he got there. I jumped to it- old habits die hard. Of course, my instinct said that’s a worrying beginning but my mind said ‘you don’t want to go alone, you don’t want to go alone”  needless to say one whiskey turned into him polishing off half a bottle of my finest whiskey before we even left the house.  He’s a huge man with a huge personality and very dominating presence – something that can be very attractive when he’s in a good place and terrifying when he’s not. tonight he was not.

By the time we arrived at quiz night he had laid into my mother, insulted me, dredged up the past and reminded us how he was a hapless victim with me as the evil villainess. sounds dramatic and ridiculous. sounds like I’m making it up? YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP. By now I’m wishing he wasn’t here, hoping he won’t make a scene and behave badly and inappropriately. So what ensued was pretty much in exact contradiction to my wishes. He proceeded to drink a large amount of red wine (always a super combination with whiskey) get loud and belligerent, insult two of the teacher’s assistants, shout, fight with a father at the end of the table, threaten to take it outside to the car park, throw something across the table at him and tell a complete stranger in the parking lot that I had stolen his sperm.  Yip – that was quiz night! So, now you understand why come Monday morning the simple act of taking my daughter to school was the ultimate walk of shame.

As the horror unfolded on that Friday night and I kept trying to appease and placate him I wondered why I had been so determined that he come, why I was doing the same thing I had done our whole relationship which was to try and keep the peace and pacify the monster when he showed up. I wondered why I didn’t grab my mother, walk out of the quiz night and leave him in our dust. I suspect as amusing as this story is on some levels that that question is a very important one for me to answer for myself and may unlock the door to a new and brighter future where I chose a different kind of man.


7 Steps to living the Life of Your Dreams

Last weekend I stood beside my very close friend and together we said goodbye to her mama. She was no ordinary woman – She was a lady and a Sexy Mama.

Sitting at the memorial listening to her family talk about her I remembered some of the extrardinary things that she had demonstrated in her life and how important those lessons are for anyone wanting to live a good life.

Abundance mentality – In this home there was always more than enough to go around. Enough food, love, warmth, attention. If you arrived unexpectedly a plan would always be made without you feeling unwelcome. Frugality was checked at the door. She lived from a belief that life is abundant, that the universe provides and it worked for her!

Strong family bond – this sexymama was such a matriarch that her family all lived within walking distance of her. The family bond is so important in times of hardship, heartache, happiness, celebration,when you have been thrown a curve ball in life and when life couldnt be better. If you have family you have everything you need. So many times when i went there you’d find 4 generations all lying together on mama’s bed watching TV or chatting and laughing together. This sexy mama was a lioness when it came to protecting her family. She knew the importance of family and she embraced it.

 Moral Compass – This sexy mama didn’t take any crap. She was loving, and warm, but she was also pretty friken scary if you crossed her.  Her moral compass was set to true north and there was no bullshit. Her boundaries we firmly in place. She knew what her standards were, what she believed and what she would accept – if it fell outside of that it had no place in her home.

Passion  – SM was all about passion. Passion for her garden, her cooking, her beloved Italian opera, her kids, her grandkids, her extremely successful business. everything she did she poured her passion into.

Hard Work – SM worked hard. There was no 2 ways about it. She ran a very successful guesthouse, an office of a leading estate agency and was the top seller within her province for many years running – but it never looked like a hardship or a slog or someting she resented, she ran them all with grace, with passion and with immense joy which leads us to the very important next point…

Gratitude – SM worked, played, loved, laughed, cried, mourned, celebrated all with immense gratitude. She had an inate understanding that Gratitude is the combination lock that opens the door to your best life.

and last but not least

A Big Heart – helping the less fortunate – For this Sexymama helping the less fortunate was really important and so she was involved in soup kitchens, helped out people within her community that needed a helping hand and was a real champion for the underdog. Some of the loudest sobs at the service were from the ladies that had faithfully worked for SM most of their adult lives.Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 3.28.01 PM

And thats all it takes to live the life of your dreams. As soon as one of these steps or principles is ignored or sidelined your life will start going to the dogs. You dont have to be wealthy to apply these principles, you dont even need to have family in the traditional sense – you can create a family by creating strong bonds in your tribe. When you break it down its not that hard – it just needs to be practised everyday.

So thats what I learned from this Sexy Mama. I can only hope when it comes time for people to speak about me that they can honestly say some of these things too.




Online Dating 101 – the unauthorised, unrequested rules from a Rookie.

Right, so I’ve really committed to this whole online dating thing. Just for fun really. Just to get out and hopefully, have an interesting conversation. I never would have thought. Only took me 3 years to warm to the idea but there it is.  Theres a lot of odd stuff out there and let me just immediately confess that I’ve only had 5 dates. Nevertheless despite my complete rookidom I have some completely unrequested tips for guys wanting to get some attention.

  1. if there’s no photo you are immediately a wierdo stalker and serial killer. so don’t bother posting without one.
  2. I know cycling has become some sort of wierd worldwide epidemic but please dudes do you have to post photos wth cycling helmets and lycra shorts on? FYI its just not a good look. i promise. yes. really.
  3. If you keep insisting on collecting me from my home on the first date the only people you are going to meet there will be the Popo because I’m going to have to assume you’re up to no good.
  4. Do not post a profile picture posing naked to the waist and in your bed under any circumstances. Not any. Unless you have posted while in the throws of a devastating fever and are delirious we will have to assume that you are a sexual deviant. And you probably are.
  5. I thought this one would be for a girls only but apparently not. Dont post pictures from 10 years ago. even if you think you look exactly the same. You do not. I promise.
  6. It is not okay to make lude suggestive comments before we have even met. For example: Woman: “How will we recognise each other?” Man: ” By your thong.”      We are not Ho’s yo! Let me just add its not appropriate after we’ve met either. Can you at least let us feel you actually like our company and that its not all about punani for a little while? At least until you can gauge how frieky we might be and sometime gentlemen we’ll surprise you…..but sometimes we will not so dont push it bro!
  7. This should not even need to be pointed out – but it sadly does, so! Do not – under any circumstances – not any at all – make fun of the person when you meet them. if you think it is funny and that you are the ultimate joker and such a fun guy because you poke fun at other people about something physical – or what they are wearing or any other thing –  then you are a dickhead and you will die alone. Get a friekin life and a therapist because you’ve got some issues pal.
  8. Dont try and get me drunk because you think i’m going to put out if you do. its ridiculous and probably illegal.  What you’ll get instead is someone who can’t speak coherantly, who starts talking about her ex and who may vomit.
  9. Have fun – look most of the time you’re not gonna get any – sometimes you’ll meet someone that you really have a spark with and then you will get some. If you’ve happened upon a nympho you may very well get more than you bargained for but guys we know its not all about sex, no? It’s also about having an affinity with someone and sometimes a great conversation is the best aphrodisiac.
  10. Listen – really listen when the gal is chatting. Ask questions  – keep eye contact.Be interested. If you do your score rate will go right up. If she’s insufferable go home alone. Dont try and salvage the evening with a quick poke. come on guys – do I have to say this?
  11. LEAVE YOUR DARN CELLPHONE IN YOUR POCKET. DO NOT LOOK AT IT, CHECK IT, TAKE CALLS UNLESS YOUR HOUSE IS BURNING DOWN OR YOUR CAR IS BEING STOLEN (you’ll recognise those emergency numbers) If you cannot spend a few hours without looking at your phone you should date it. Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 6.52.20 AM

So there we are. Thats my unrequested take on online dating from a 40 something. Its going to be soo different for 20 and 30 somethings. I would LOVE to hear some of your rules. And guys I would particularly love to hear from you. I’ve got an idea to compile all of these and make it into something very funny and put it on youtube so please please any comments would be AMAZING!!


I Really wanted him to Call…

I really wanted him to call. I really wanted to not want to care if he called. but I really wanted him to call. Suddenly I’m a teenager again not a woman of 40 plus with my own business and a child. Just like that. Overnight. Suddenly all the insecurities crowd in and you remember that love is so very scary, that you’re so very vulnerable, that far from being euphoric there’s a lot that feels a lot more like cruel torture. But then you also realise that you feel alive again. Yes, it may be uncomfortably so, but you’re awake, you’re tuned in again, life has taken on another dimension that you had all but switched off.

He may never call. The fantasies that I had conjured up after one brief meeting in an alcohol fueled conversation over several hours in a bar may be the alchemy of absurdity but it doesn’t matter –  even though it feels like it really does. There are people out there is the message. After years with one person its difficult to believe that there is life beyond – that perhaps I can still meet someone who will love and adore me and right back at them. I’ve got to be brave. I’ve got to resist the temptation to pull my head back into my shell and say ” no no its too scary, i’m too vulnerable, this is bullshit and i dont need it.” I’ve got to keep living authentically, keep striving for what i want, working toward my dreams and love will find me if my heart is open and my soul is true.

but this isn’t just about me. It’s about you too……….

The Art and Science of Success

A slightly different blog post today. I’ve been thinking a lot about excellence and success this week – pondering what that looks like and how one can attain it. There is so much written on mindset, success, the law of attraction you could continue reading forever and never get to impliment it, which is why I really liked a Ted Talk by Daniel Ally i came across this week. In his talk titled How to become a millionaire in 3 years he distils it so clearly and concisely. So if you’ll pardon the paraphrasing Mr Ally, this is what I got from you.

Here  are Mr Ally’s 3 tips to becoming a self made millionaire. So simple anyone can do it.

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 5.37.02 AM.png

  1. Read more books. “Leaders are readers.” Read books about areas that you need help in. Go and find them – there have never been more books written about more subjects than there are now – online, in libraries, in bookstores, audiobooks. “Books are the tools that release the heavens of your mind” Says Daniel Ally. Dont have time? Switch off the television – stop bingewatching series (unless its Bloodline) , download audiobooks for the car for your commute. No excuses are valid.
  2. Get around the best individuals you can – you are the sum total of the 5 friends you spend most of your time with. Are they modelling the kind of life you aspire to? If not find people who are inspiring, that lift you up and who are realising their goals. Search for people outside of your “default friends” – you need to get yourseld around people who are smarter than you, people who have gone further than you. Robin Sharma says If you are the smartest person in the room its time to find another room. Don’t surround yourself with people who limit you – who tell you what is and is not possible for you, get yourself around people who can help you. How? Well one way Daniel suggests is by reaching out to the authors of all the books you are now reading and starting a conversation with them. When you ask enough questions you can make great progress in life. So, get yourself around people that can help you.
  3. Set Higher Goals – Goals help you to stretch. Create a plan of action to achieve your goals otherwise its unreasonable to expect results. Create urgency – give yourself time limits for achieving specific goals. Write your goals down. To impress them onto your subconscious mind you have to write them down. Choose 1 overarching goal that you would like to achieve – then list 20 ideas that would correspond to that goal. eg. become a better public speaker – watch ted talks, practise speech, look in the mirror or film yourself talking in in order to rehearse. Now imagine that you did this in every area of your life – financially, family, marketing, exercise, diet – you name it and you wrote your goals down everyday. You would be able to accomplish so much in your life. Daniel reminds us that we have everything that we need to succeed but we have to use the things we already have to get more of the things we want. We have to believe. When you believe in yourself, Daniel argues, everyone else in the world will too. I love that. And think BIG says Mr Ally because when you think big you’ll do big and you’ll win big.

so there is is! Really simple folks – 3 things

B – Books

I – Individuals

G – Goals

But as with all things you need to take the knowledge and turn it in to action.

I dare you!

I’d love to find out what works for you. What speakers, authors, gurus really inspire you?

And of course if one of your goals is to create more wealth for yourself then please contact us about adding your home, garden, restaurant, office to our exclusive collection of properties that we offer to Stills, Film, Events and VIP Accommodation clients.

We cant wait to hear from you.

Love and great success –  the gals at Shoot My House!!


loving life and shouting it from the rooftops.