Happy New Same old same old

The start of the new year has been sketchy for me this year – and i think is most years. So much emphasis is placed on a new beginining and the idea that the clock resets at midnight on the 1st January each year that the possibility of it not living up to its promise is almost a foregone conclusion.

Hopefully we spend time before the dawn of the new year thinking through what we accomplished the past year, where we fell short and what we want for the year ahead but the insistence on a whole new feeling on the 1st is a receipe for despondance. well it is for me anyway. Often I begin the year feeling tired. I’ve worked till the last second before Christmas then been slammed with Christmas arrangements and family duties and obligations without having the time to get into the spirit of Christmas because there has not been sufficient time to prepare my mind for it. We race through Christmas only to be faced with New year and the expectation that it will be a huge party or super special in some way. I’ve taken to avoiding New Years altogether since my daughter was born, since the advent of feeling under the weather with a young child is more torturous than most anything else i can imagine – well except someone pulling out my toenails one by one – that would be worse, oh and waterboarding. Okay there are a lot of things worse but you get my meaning?

It’s days later now and the new year has kicked in, in earnest and I am happy to say that the slightly desperate feeling has gone. I’ve rediscovered my “why” and I feel a new sense of purpose for the new year. I guess the point is that perhaps you have to get through those not 100% upliftling feelings as preparation for a new beginning.

I hope that if the new year has started off a little rickety for you, you now find yourself on more solid ground, strong and ready to manifest your dreams!!


Happy 2018 Y’all!!!


Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.14.32 AM.png



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