Turn it Around

Bad Day at The Office
Bad Day at The Office

Yesterday was a bad day. On the Richter scale of bad days it measured 9.99999. Cataclysmic really. We lost a major client, a whole whack of money and a fair amount of credibility.

i wished i’d had an ear to bounce it off, a place to cool down before i reacted in anger and frustration. But….I didnt.

Its frieken hard to be a business owner and some days are going to be wholeheartedly crap. I did the financial calculations, had a nervous breakdown, had a cry at how unfair it all was and hugged my little girl as tight as i could to apologise for losing my temper with her when i was trying to work and she wanted to play. Then after a day of back and forward phone calls and emails i switched the phone off and took my little girl to the shops to buy groceries for the chocolate cake we decided to bake together.

By the time we came home the angst was gone and all I cared about was having fun with a little girl who loved her mommy despite mommies crap day. Together we baked THE Most decedant chocolate cake ever that we are going to serve today when the twins come to play.

In the early hours of the morning i woke up – gripped by panic but as i worked through it in my head I began to see the blessings. I had become complacent at work – was used to letting my assistant handle things in the quieter times. I was galavanting too much and had stopped putting in the hours. Thats not why this ghastly thing happened but it may have been avoided if I had spent more time thinking about it and less time at the chiro, masseuse, nail bar, therapist,hairdresser. Suddenly I am super focused, super hungry, super charged and ready to build my business into a superpower that doesnt suffer a defeat like this again. My head is bursting with new ideas i want to implement and I’m rearing to go.

From where i am sitting now i have only gratitude for whats happened and how its going to catapult me to the next level in every area of my life.





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