You gotta be a little crazy

its now 6:11 in the AM and for the last hour and a bit i have been twirling around my living room, lyrics in one hand, voice recorder in the other singing at the top of my lungs. No, its not because i am certifiable, its because i am rehearsing for a singing audition i have later this morning. I sort of wish someone had been candidly filming me. it would make for hilarious viewing!

It would be totally delightful if i was suitably dressed in long flowing dress  but i’m in a massive dressing gown and slippers and the room smells vaguelly off vomit from where my dog tossed her cookies last night.

Yes I was up at 1am for an hour cleaning up dog vomit from various parts of the carpet. its all glamour here let me tell you! If I’ve learned anything so far in this crazy life its to laugh at yourself as often as you can and to see the humour (as dark as it may sometimes be) in as much as you can. Yesterday I was reminded that trying to be someone you think others will approve of, or someone you think you should be is no road to happiness. Putting on airs or attempting to portray a persona is not authentic – its just a layer to protect the real you from being seen. When you learn that you are enough with all your shortcomings, your imperfections and you peculiarities then you will begin to know happiness and you can begin to have meaningful strong relationships with the people in your life. and another thing. Never gossip – never speak badly about another human being. not ever. Keep those thoughts to yourself, write them down if you have to but dont verbalise them to anyone else. thats not being secretive, its protecting your happiness. Gosipping and speaking ill about other people no matter how they have hurt you will only hurt you. I have most certainly learned that. why? because it is very negative and negativity attracts more negativity and will have you in a cycle of ugliness. And you’re a gorgeous glamorous girl – there is no space for ugliness in your life.

I’d love to hear what crazy antics you get up to when you’re all alone, whether its preparing for work or just blowing off some steam.




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