Diet, Disasters and Detox…

I’ve decided that May –  well from mid May to mid June is going to be detox month for me, for my family, my business and my home.
That means getting rid of the things that slow us down, that we don’t love and don’t love us (like wheat and the cockroaches in the outside drain and clutter)
The first detox for me to tackle is the body one and also the hardest but i’m hoping that if I spring clean my health it will filter into my life in general.
I’ve spent my entire life following one diet after another diet, learning contradicting things about nutrition from everyone from my mom to a silicon valley millionaire turned diet guru, to a sports science doctor turned crazy man and i’ve lost some, i’ve gained it back and lost it and gained it and well, you get the picture.
My most recent run in with a diet was buying into the idea of the BULLETPROOF DIET and let me say that i got the most spectacular results. i put on 5 kilos in 2 weeks. yes thats right! you read that correctly. in 2 weeks! almost not even humanly possible you say?
whats beyond frustrating is that i wasn’t even attempting to lose weight – my weight was great. I wanted the other touted virtues like better brain function, higher levels of concentration and laser like focus.
What i got was a fat ass and now i am struggling to get rid of it and i don’t feel very clever either. Infact i feel like a complete idiot. Who buys that you can eat fat all day long and not get fat or die of a major disease?
It’s so bad that i don’t want to go out, i don’t want to see friends, heck i don’t even want to get dressed in the morning. its seriously depressing stuff so i was interested to read about one of the top 10 books you need to read in your life (thats non fiction) called THE CHINA STUDY. The most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted. this is not a diet book in the sense of a hot new trending diet – its actual science and it talks about disease and the link to nutrition and unlike the gazillion other books about diet and nutrition its’ in fact based in science.
it also advocates veganism-  something i have always  been terrified of. It seems so drastic. But the fact is I am 43, i have very little interest in contracting a degenerative disease and a whole lot of interest in losing some of my wobbly bits so i’m going to give it a one month test.
I will post my progress here and we can see what happens within that month – if i’m an anaemic mess or  fit, fabulous and on the way to flab free.

i’m excited!


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