those days

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 8.29.22 PM

the thing is there are going to be those days…

when the baby sitter lets you down. when it seems your friends are bailing on you left right and centre, when you feel utterly alone and so very sad. there are going to be those days when your jeans feel like they schrunk 3 sizes in the wash, when you cant even count on your shampoo. When every decision you have made seems questionable at best and when your full length mirror seems really quite spiteful.

There are going to be those days. The thing is not to give in to self pity – the long slippery slope toward tragic doom and gloom. or maybe its to see it – look it in the eye – say “hey day i see what you’re doing and screw you.”

its just a day. tomorrow will look different. the heartbreak will mend – no really it will. the doubts will subside, the sun will shine and yes, you will smile again.

in the mean time for me its finding the sexiest man I can to watch on a TV Series and giving in without guilt to the pleasure of hours of him. thank you Idris Elba for being my guiltless pleasure.

Today you are my sunshine x



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