Sometimes Mommies need to run for the hills or at least a spa day…

It’s true. Well for me at least its true. Motherhood can be pretty full on and by Monday morning after a full weekend of monitoring fever and easing the flaring furies of a two and something toddler I’m hardly ready to dive straight into a week of fully optimised productivity. I’m a lot keener on diving into a seat in an empty, pitch black cinema and watching an art movie, Or pouring myself into a plush lazy boy while my hands and feet are simultaneously buffed, scrubbed, polished, painted. And no one talks. In this fantasy no one speaks – like for hours. Just glorious silence.

Sadly running for the hills, the spa and other adventures remains a fantasy for now. Instead I’ve carved out a window of time for myself only. i am fiercely possessive of it and probably won’t have much competition for it since it begins at 4am and lasts till around 6am. Its madness, pure insanity, but its mine…


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