“Execution of Goals” by: Reggie Batts

Reggie Batts: Mindset for Success Series

 Most people set goals for themselves once a year and the time of year is usually January 1st. Most people check in to see how they’re progressing with their goals a year later- and by then it is too late and the goal is long forgotten.  The word goal by definition is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed. A goal without action is meaningless, and it is also very important that you’re taking the right action necessary to reach the goal. The right action means doing the right things in the right order so that you get the result you’re seeking.

Where most people fail in setting goals in their business or personal life is the disbelief that the goal is achievable. Limiting beliefs which set us up to fail before the goals are even written down. Limiting beliefs are the toxic thoughts we tap into as…

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“Disciplines of Successful People” By: Reggie Batts

I recently saw Reggie speak at a JT Foxx 2 day seminar in Cape Town and was blown away by his energy, enthusiasm and joy for life. I’m officially a fan!

Reggie Batts: Mindset for Success Series

As we are now in quarter 4 of the year, now is the time to start making those goals for 2016. It is important to go into the new year with a plan that is crystal clear. Most of us focus on the “how” primarily and the motivation ceases because most of us do not know how to execute the plan in a strategic way that will get us to the result. Focusing on the “”why” certainly puts you ahead of the game. Your “why” is your fuel, your motivation, your inspiration, and often times your most powerful purpose for taking action. Your “why” may be that you want to prove everyone who has told you you’d never make it wrong. Your “why” may be that you want to leave a legacy or that you want to make your family proud and see to it that they have more than…

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