Life post Forty

Jeanne laughs - 1mommy and tiny Angel - 1

Quite recently really my life changed dramatically. I had a child at 39 and 11/12ths – that is to say 27 days before i turned 40, my baby girl was born.

It was a fundamental life shift that I could never have anticipated. It grounded me, made me a little more serious and focused about the future and about what my hopes and dreams were for myself and for my little girl. It also got me thinking about what i believed in and stood for. Sadly it also ultimately necessitated the end of a 12 year relationship (counting the 4 years that I obsessed over him but was pretty much ignored by my partner, before he finally gave in and we hooked up.)

So here we are. Post 40 and single. I think I’m probably not alone here…okay I know for a fact I’m not. Of my 5 closest friends at school 4 are divorced. Tragically the 5th died in a car accident without even having the chance at nuptuals or long term love.

Any how the point here really is that something very funny happened post my “divorce”. My ex not even a year after our breakup has turned into a “Post 40 man”. What that means is, like the rest of male-kind, he has been blinkered to any woman older than about 25. Check out this story…..

So “the ex” we’ll call him, was telling me about this Beautiful woman he had met. She was old he said but a real stunner. “How old?” I asked innocently imagining late 50’s – “About 40 ” was his extraordinary reply. There was not a hint of irony in his voice mind you, not a whisper of mischieviousness. Had he already forgotten that I was in fact 42 and not, I’ll have you know, past my prime mister!? I’d been alright for him all those years but now apparently well I mean only good for a house coat and a pair of support hose.

Well the shock sent me sprinting to the gym to find myself a personal trainer. But more about him later…

Thankfully life does in fact stretch beyond 40 for the fairer sex and, able constantly to reinvent ourselves, we may find our fearlessness and ourselves in what the ex would call the post 40 wilderness but what i prefer to think of as the Post 40 Wonderland!


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