It makes perfect sense to me….

It seems perfectly feasible that on a day when i have a head cold of note and a very unattractive hacking cough that I should start writing a blog called Hey Sexy Mamma. The truth is I couldn’t feel more unsexy – and yet thats probably exactly the point. I think that so many of us put off doing something different, or putting our neck on the line until we feel our gorgeous best.

“Once I’ve lost those 5 kilos, as soon as winter is over and I have a bit of a tan, the moment my ex is out of my head and i can think straight again, as soon as the kids are back at school, once the kids have finished school, once I’ve recovered from my nose job, boob job, head shrinking. The moment the moon turns blue….

The only time to start is now!

My beautiful daughter – yes thats her picture above, has taught me more in the just over 2 years she’s been alive that I could ever have imagined. My current favourite insight from her is “move everything” . what she meant was that the configuration of my living room furniture wasn’t condusive to creating the ultimate leg slide down daddy’s legs that she was after and so her command – her solution was to move everything. It hit both parents like a thunderbolt because the insight was so clear – if its not working, if something isn’t working in your life Move everything. What we so often do is try to reshape ourselves, bend our dreams, compromise our principles instead of moving everything, throwing things out or doing whatever it takes until we find the right fit for us.

We are afraid (in the words of Mr Godin) to “Make a Ruckus”

I am hoping to explore new and noisy ways to make a ruckus everyday and my hope is that it will inspire you to do the same.


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